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God's Girl Gives:

God's Girl Gives is a simple way to give back to a Verified church, school (public or private) or approved
 non-profit and missions projects every time you make a purchase!   All year round.

Step 1: During "Checkout," locate the "Note to Seller" section.

Step 2: Write the name, address and phone number of the church/school/non-profit or missions                          project,  in which you wish to donate.

Step 3: Make your purchase!

At the end of each month God's Girl Greetings sends out its donations with a note stating "(your name or anonymous)... donated 10% of their purchase price to (name of church/school/non-profit/missons).  Anyone who makes a purchase at God's Girl Greetings can donate to a Verified church/school and approved non-profit/missions project. Learn More at www.godsgirlgreetings.org."  WE'LL ALSO EMAIL YOU, letting you know your donation was sent!

This is great for fundraisers! And it's easy. If you would like to work directly with God's Girl Greetings to manage your fundraiser through your church, school, non-profit or missions project, just give us a call Toll Free at 1-866-227-3027.
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